Divergence University Home Study Course by Vladimir Ribakov!

Divergence University has decided to develop the ultimate forex course to master divergence trading. In the next few days, Vladimir Ribakov is going to open the doors to his Divergence University. 'DivergenceFor a few days, Vladimir Ribakov is giving the recording of his 2 Market Correction Strategies Seminar FREE. Normally you have to pay thousands of dollars for attending such type of trading seminars. But you don’t need to pay anything for now. Just follow the above link and download the seminar recording. This FREE seminar recording is going to teach you a lot about how to trade divergences. But keep this in mind, this recording is only available for a limited time before it gets pulled down.

There are many traders who consider divergence trading to be a myth. You will read comments by many traders in the forums that they tried trading divergences but found it to be an overrated and a much hyped method. On the other hand there are traders like Vladimir Ribakov who claim to be only trading divergences. Vladimir Ribakov has been successfully trading divergences and over the years has taken his divergence trading skills to the next higher level by perfecting many methods of divergences.

First let me introduce Vladimir Ribakov to you if you haven’t heard about him before. He is a professional trader with more than a decade of trading experience. He has developed a number of highly successful products like the LST System, Pips Carrier System, Broker Nightmare Software, sRs Trend Rider etc. His products are top notch and have got good reviews by the users. He also runs a Forex Signals And Mentoring Service. You can take a look at the monthly performance of the signals generated by him that has been posted on the website.

The idea to create this Divergence University Home Study Course came to Vladimir Ribakov sometimes back when he did a seminar in Hungry. In this Home Study Course, Vladimir is going to teach you how to identify and trade with divergence in a step by step manner. This course comprises of video tutorials, training and exams. This home study course comprises of 6 courses and over 30 lessons. You will also be required to attend the live trading room. At the end if you successfully pass the exam, you will be awarded with a Divergence Trader Certificate from the Divergence University.

Is Divergence University Home Study Course Suitable For The Beginners?

Yes, it is. If you are a beginner with no real experience of trading currencies, you can start with an option course at the start of the Divergence Trader Certification Course. In this optional course, you will learn the basics of forex trading and how the currency market works. This optional course will help you in understanding the basics that are required before you start the main course. And of course once you graduate from the Divergence University, you will have the tools and the knowledge to trade like a pro trader.