Forex GBPJPY Scalping Strategy FREE Download

GBPJPY is a highly volatile pair. It is a cross pair that many traders love to trade due to its high volatility. The higher the volatility of a pair, the more pips that you make. Rita Lasker is a forex trader and a forex system developer. She is giving her GBPJPY M1 Scalping Strategy FREE. This is a 6 page PDF that you can download FREE just now.


GBPJPY Scalping Strategy

Scalping can be fun if you know what you are doing. This 6 page PDF explains everything that you need about this GBPJPY Scalping Strategy. This scalping strategy uses the Bollinger Bands. Make sure you first test it on the demo account. You can also use this scalping strategy on other timeframes like M5 or M15 and you can also test it with other pairs. Just make sure you are not trading around the time of the news release. Just check the ForexFactory Calender and if you find any news release relating to either GBP or JPY, make sure you don’t trade at that time. Practice is what you need. Make sure to use a stop loss. Since you are trading on M1 timeframe, you should go for 10-15 pips profit at the most. On M5 you can go for 10-25 pips profit and on M15, you can go for 10-50 pips profit.