How George Soros Made $4 Billion Shorting Yen In 2013

George Soros is a famous hedge fund manager who made a cool billion dollar in one day shorting the pound. George Soros is known to discount the obvious and bet on the unexpected. Don’t forget Finance 101. The higher the risk the higher the return. So if you want to win big you need to bet on the unexpected and brush aside the obvious. In essence you need to stay ahead of the crowd if you want to win big like George Soros.

But that was in 1992 when he had massively shorted the British Pound. However in 2013, George Soros repeated that feat again when he massively shorted another currency. This time the Japanese Yen and made a cool personal $4 billion. Read this Forbes article that explains what happened and how George Soros even at the age of 83 is making ripples across the financial markets.