Binary Matrix PRO The Most Advanced 1 Minute Binary Options Software

Binary Matrix PRO is right now the most advanced 1 minute binary options trading software. Binary Matrix PRO is also the first software the allows the users to share their trading results with the whole user community in real time. Now you might ask how good is this software. The answer to this question is simple. This software was tested by 600+ beta testers over a period of 3 months and 8 out of 10 trades were winners.

Binary Matrix PRO

You can see a screenshot of the monitoring panel as well as the reporting panel that has been provided in the members area. Below are some of the features of Binary Matrix PRO software:

1. Provides signals for trading 60 second or what are called 1 minute binary options.

2. Social Performance Sharing feature allows traders to share their trading results with the whole community.

3. 3 versions available. One for the Windows Operating System, other is a web based version and the last one is a smart phone app.

4. On average it provides over 700 signals daily so there is a signal whenever you want to trade it.

5. The average accuracy of this software is 81%.

6. On opening the account with the recommended broker, 75% bonus is provided on the first deposit.

You will be able to see a third party verified account performance of this software. All the proof has been made available on the site that the trading account performance is genuine and not fake. Live webinars will also be held 3 times a week to help those traders interested in learning how to trade 60 second binary options.

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