Forex 5 Stars System By Rita Lasker For Trading Trends On H1, H4 And D1 Timeframes!

Forex 5 Stars system software has been developed by Rita Lasker and her team of programmers. Forex 5 Stars indicator can make upto 2,000 pips per month. Rita Lasker is a pro forex trader and a forex system and software developer who has come up with a few good forex systems in the past as well. Forex 5 Stars Software according to Rita Lasker is one of the most precise and accurate trend catchers. In forex, always remember trend is your only friend. Always trade in the direction of the trend if you want to make some pips. What Forex 5 Stars software is going to do is help to correctly identify the trend on any currency pair. After that you will get signals from the Forex 5 Stars system that will tell you when to open and close the orders in a timely fashion.

Now Forex 5 Stars software is not a robot. It is an informer meaning it will send you a signal when you need to open a trade, when you should move the stop loss and when you should close the trade. You will have to enter the orders manually and if you want skip the trade. So Forex 5 Stars System leaves the decision on you. It is up to you whether you want to open or close the the orders. These are the live trading results of Forex 5 Stars Indicator from Jan 2 to Jan 21 2012:

EUR/USD: Total 10 trades, 8 winners, 2 losers, 329 pips
USD/JPY: Total 8 trades, 7 winners, 1 loser, 431 pips
GBP/USD: Total 12 trades, 9 winners, 3 loser, 302 pips
USD/CHF: Total 13 trades, 9 winners, 4 losers, 299 pips
CAD/JPY: Total 12 trades, 8 winners, 4 losers, 211 pips
NZD/USD: Total 11 trades, 9 winners, 2 losers, 388 pips

Forex 5 Stars Informer Works On H1, H4 And D1 Charts

Forex 5 Stars works on H1, H4 and D1 timeframes. When you will install it on a chart, it will immediately start searching for a trend and wait for an ideal moment to enter into a trade in the direction of the trend. Once it identifies the ideal moment, it will send a signal for an open order. Now, it is very important for you to know that Forex5Stars does not use a take profit target. The reason is simple. It is always difficult to predict how long the trend is going to last. Another thing that happens mostly when you use a take profit target is in case the trend is going strong, your take profit target will get hit and you will be out of the trade prematurely leaving pips on the table. So in order to avoid this type of thing happening, Forex5Stars does not use a take profit target.

In the Forex Five Stars open order alert, you will get the stop loss level. Always keep this in mind that a stop loss is necessary in order to protect against sudden reversals in the market. After the open order alert, you will get modify orders with new stop loss levels. These stop loss modify orders will come at the beginning of each new candle. So if you are using the H1 timeframe, a modify order will be generated after every one hour when a new H1 candle opens. In the same manner, if you are trading on the H4 timeframe, a new modify order alert will be generated after after 4 hours when a new 4H candle starts. Incase of trading on D1 timeframe, a modify order alert will come only once a day when the new daily candle begins.

Now, the moment Forex Five Stars software detects the trend reversing, it will send a close order alert. Forex 5 Stars system has been developed to trade medium and long term trends in the market. Trading on H1 timeframe, expect to get a trading signal on average every 2-3 days. And if you use Forex5Stars on H4 or D1 timeframe, you can become a true long term trader or what you call a position trader. A trade on the daily timeframe can last from 1 to 3 months. Rita Lasker is giving 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so that you can test drive her Forex5Stars on your demo account. If you want, you can test Forex 5 Stars RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. This is what you need to do. Make a trading journal. Enter each trade that you make with Forex Five Stars in it. At the end of two month period, note how many signals you get on each timeframe on average, how many pips you made, how many pips you lost, what was the win rate, what was the risk to reward ratio of the trades on average and what was the max drawdown while trading with Forex 5 Stars. If you don’t get good results, return Forex 5 Stars and get a refund.