Forex Binary Options System With 90% Winrate For 15 Minute & 30 Minute

Forex binary options trading is a good way to make 70-80% ROI within 15-30 minutes. There are turbo options available as well that allow you to trade 1-5 minute expiry options but we don’t recommend trading such short periods. 15 minute and 30 minute is our recommended expiry period. This is what we do! We try to predict the high or low for the 15 minute period using 1 minute charts. We also look at the shape of the 15 minute candle as well as the shape of the 30 minute candle to determine the shape of next 15 minute as well as 30 minute candle. So in 1 hour we can generate four 15 minute expiry options signals as well as four 30 minute expiry options.So in total in 1 hour we can generate 8 signals max. Take a look at the M30 chart below.

Forex Binary Options

Take a look at the M30 candle just above the red arrow. This is a bearish candle. The shape of this candle is indicating that the next candle will also be bearish. Take a look at the next candle now. The price opened, went up made a high and then started falling and closed below the open forming another bearish candle. So what we do is use M5 and M1 charts to find the high point and make an entry as close to the high point as possible. This ensures that we end up in the money.

Now look at the next candle formed after this candle. This is also a bearish candle. Just like above we try to find the high using M5 and M1 and buy a put very close to that point. So in essence what we are doing is looking at M30 and M15 and then using M5 and M1 to figure out the high and low for that period and making the entry as close to the high or the low.

Forex Binary Options

In the above screenshot you can take a look at the GBPUSD M15 chart. Just like above we look at the M15 candle and then use M5 and M1 charts to find the high or low for that period and buy an option as close that high or low as possible. Unlike forex swing trading where you get 15-30 minutes to make the entry when you trade binary options you have only 1-2 minutes to make the entry decision. This requires quick reflexes. In the above example the market is trending in the down direction, so you can figure out the next candle. Sometimes the market ranges.

Forex Binary Options

The red arrow in the above GBPUSD M5 chart is a good entry signal for buying a put option with expiry 15 minute as well as 30 minute. So we have got 2 trades from this signal. Look at the above chart, the two EMAs (55 and 21) clearly show that the price is in a downtrend. So when the price goes above hits the fast EMA21, we get a signal.

Forex Binary Options

Now the above GBPUSD M5 screenshot shows an uptrend. We buy 2 call options with expiry 15 minute as well as 30 minute when the price hits the slow EMA55 (aqua). So in essence the 2 EMAs are acting as support and resistance levels in our trading system. When the price hits these 2 EMAs we observe its behavior and decide what to do. This is how we trade binary options. 1 minute and 5 minute expiry options are too fast and we do not recommend trading them.

If you are interested, you can trade live with us daily and see how we trade binary options by trying our live trading room for 15 days for $1 only. We trade both forex as well binary options. We use forex for swing trading while we use binary options for short periods. In our trading room, we explain how we combine forex with binary options using the same trading system. Forex is much more powerful than binary options. In binary options ROI is fixed by the broker at 70-80%. In forex if you have a stop loss of 30 pips and you make 150 pips using 1 standard lot. This means risking $300 for making $1500 which gives you ROI of 500%. So you can well imagine how much powerful forex is as compared to binary options. Our trading system combines forex with binary options to multiply the returns manifold. Join our live trading room to find out how we do it.

Now just like golf and tennis, in forex you need to practice a lot before you can win the tournament. The more you will practice the more good you will become with your trades. This is what we recommend. Start small and hone your skills on a small account by practicing a lot. If you get the hang of it correctly,  you will be able to grow that small account into a big account.