Forex Candlestick Magic By Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta is a forex trader who has been trading for a number of years now. He has written a very good Forex Candletick Magic eBook that you should download and go through. In this Forex Candlestick Magic eBook, he shows how you can use these candlesticks to make precise entry and exits from the market. Candlesticks are considered to be leading indicators of a trend reversal. You need to learn how to interpret them correctly. Take a look at the following screenshot.

Forex Candlestick Magic

Did you see the big candle. Price suddenly went up. Most traders would have thought that an uptrend is about to start. To the contrary, price shot up, then couldn’t sustain itself and then started moving down and a strong down trend started. You will find these type of candles being formed often at the time of the news release like the NFP Report. But if you know how to read candlesticks correctly, you could have predicted accurately that the market is preparing itself for a big sell off which it did. Now take a look at his second screenshot.

Forex Candlestick Magic

What do you see? Is the market going to go up or it is going to turn? These questions constantly boggle the minds of new and inexperienced traders. You need to download this Forex Candlestick Magic eBook written by Rahul and go through it. It will clear a lot of the things that keep confusing you. Getting a clear answer on the things that confuse you is going to make you a much better and a much confident trader.