Forex Magic Trade By Karl Dittmann-A Simple, Yet Powerful Price Action Trick!

Forex Magic Trade has been discovered by Karl Dittmann.  Forex Magic Trade is an easy single trade at a specific time that is repeated for years. Karl Dittmann is a professional forex trader who live in Bonn, Germany. Karl has been trading for many years now. Forex Magic Trade is a unique price action trick discovered by Karl Dittmann that can help you easily make 200-400 pips per week. Forex Magic Trade is a simple, yet powerful trading trick that can make you 50+ pips daily.

Keep this in mind that you don’t need to waste your time on forex robots. What you need to learn is how to trade price action naked. Yes, this is what pro traders do. They trade the price action naked. This Forex Magic Trade is a simple, yet incredibly powerful forex secret that repeats itself every day at the same time to the same currency pair and can easily make you 50+ pips per day. In 15 days, Forex Magic Trade made 9 trades and 8 out of them were winners.

How The Forex Magic Trade Works?

Forex Magic is a 100% mechanical trading system with clear entry and exit rules.  You will only place one trade a day. When you have placed the trade, you don’t need to monitor it. It will be set and forget and will hit it’s profit target automatically. This is how the Forex Magic Trade works. You will open the charting platform at a particular time of the day. It will take you 10-20 minutes to place the Forex Magic Trade. There is no decision making involved. There will be one trade every day except when there is a major news announcement scheduled like the NFP Report release. On days like that when there is some major news scheduled, you will be not place the trade. On other days, you will place one trade. Once the trade is placed as said it is set and forget, it will automatically hit the profit target. Now, you won’t need any technical indicators when placing the trade.

You can try the Forex Magic Trade RISK FREE for 30 days on your demo account as it comes with no questions asked money back guarantee for one month. What you will get is the trading secret with full details alongwith the trading examples that will show you the exact time when you will place the trade and the entry and the exit points. If the Forex Magic Trade doesn’t work on the demo account, simply go for a refund.