Forex Mean Reversion Trading System And Indicator By Steve Gammon!

The developer of Forex Mean Reversion, Steve Gammon claims that you can use his Forex Mean Reversion as a trading system as well as an indicator to compliment your existing trading strategy! Most indicators are lagging meaning they only tell you what has happened in the recent past. Using these lagging indicators will only result in catching a market move when it is already almost over. Steve Gammon, the developer of Forex Mean Reversion System claims that his indicator is leading in nature. He says that he trades solely with his system on H4 and D1 timeframes while on the lower timeframes when he is using other strategies, he uses Forex Mean Reversion indicator for confirmation. According to him, his indicator has helped him stay out of many losing trades especially false breakouts. Below is the screenshot of this system in action!

Forex Mean Reversion

As you can see from the above screenshot, this indicator helped identify 11 trades on GBPUSD H4 timeframe that made a total of 464 pips. According to the developer, Forex Mean Reversion is simple to setup and configure. You can use it on any timeframe. As said above, you can use it as a full trading system or you can use it for confirming your existing trading strategy. Forex Mean Reversion can help you avoid false breakouts which cause many traders to lose a lot of their trades.