Forex Super Scalper System Makes 100-250 Pips Daily With A Stop Loss Of 3-7 Pips Per Trade!

The Forex Super Scalper is a 100% mechanical system that is easy to use and does not need a big trading experience to follow. This Forex Super Scalper System made +177 pips on a single pair GBPUSD in one trading day on April 9th, 2012. Forex Super Scalper System can make 100-250 pips daily. Forex Super Scalper is infact a simple scalping trick discovered by the professional trader Karl Dittmann from Germany. There is nothing complicated to follow when using this scalping strategy. There are no complicated indicators and no complicated technical analysis. Forex Super Scalper System uses real time price action and traders psychology that allows you to guess the direction of price action for the next few minutes with a high degree of accuracy.

Forex Super Scalper

Forex scalping is a popular trading strategy used by many pro traders. It entails quickly entering and exiting the market grabbing 10-15 pips each time. There are many ways to scalp the forex market. But the simpler the better. Forex Super Scalper is a simple price action based system. This is how the Forex Super Scalper System works. It uses a simple scalping strategy that you can easily learn and master. This scalping strategy looks for trades with a minimum of 10-15 pips profit. A trade can continue for a few minutes. Unlike other scalping systems that look for a specific time of the day like the London Open or the NY Open, this system can work anytime whenever you have time to trade. The system tells you the entry price, exit price and the stop loss and takes away all the emotions from trading.

The best thing about this Forex Super Scalper System is that it works as a short term scalping system going for 10-15 pips profit as well as a day trading system looking for 20-200 pips profit. Forex Super Scalper is a 100% mechanical system that does not need any special software or trading experience. Even a beginner trader can learn and master this scalping strategy. This is a 3 step easy scalping system that tells you the exact time of placing and closing the order. Each trade will have a stop loss of 3-7 pips which makes it a low risk scalping system. Everything is explained in full detail by Karl Dittmann when you download the Forex Super Scalper System. He is also giving 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so that you can test drive his scalping strategy on the demo account. If after two months of testing on the demo account, you don’t feel satisfied with the Forex Super Scalper System, you should go for a refund.