Forex System-2 With Over 1 Year Live Trading Results!

Forex System-2 comes with over 1 year live trading results. Forex System-2  live trading results show a deposit of $996.50 turning into $9828.24 making a profit of $8831.74. Live trading started on 23rd January 2012 and the last trade made was on 30th August 2012. A total of 72 trades were made in these 7 months. 48 were winners and 24 were loser making a total of 3876 pips. Making 3876 pips in over 7 months comes out to making an average of 553 pips per month. The return made in these 7 months 986% which comes out to an average monthly return of 140% which is not bad! Below is a screenshot of this Forex System-2 in action:

Forex System-2

According to the developer of this Forex System-2, any serious trader who starts with a deposit of $3K can easily grow this amount to over $50K in the next few months using his user friendly low drawdown system. There is nothing complicated in this system. Forex System-2 has been designed to find fantastic trades with minimal risk in minimal time.  This system has one trading strategy that you have never thought about before. Once you download this system, you will love that trading strategy.

Forex System-2 has been well tested on EUR/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CHF and more. Everything is almost done for you. You will get audio alerts when to open a position and when to close a position. The developer of this system is giving 30 days trial period so that you can first test his system on the demo account. After one month make your decision whether you want to trade live with it or you want to get a refund. All the live trading results have been posted on the site. You should take a detailed look at these live trading results. When you start trading on the demo account, make sure you trade every signal seriously.