ForexSession Robot Trades EURUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY And GBPUSD Range Breakouts!

ForexSession Robot has been developed by Dr. Zain Agha, a professional forex trader from UK. ForexSession Robot trades EURUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY and GBPUSD pairs on the H1 timeframe. Forex Session Robot has been programmed to enter two pending orders at a specific time based on the trading strategy selected. There are many trading strategies that you can select to trade with using this robot. For example, ForexSession Robot can trade 7 strategies on the EURJPY pair, it can trade 8 strategies on EURUSD pair, it can trade 11 strategies on EURGBP pair and it can trade 7 strategies on GBPUSD pair. There is a detailed user manual that explains each one of these strategies. ForexSession Robot can double your account every month. Trading just 0.1 lot, it made a profit of $2786.43 in just 3 weeks. If you had traded with 1.0 lot, this would have translated into a profit of $27,864 in just 3 weeks. You can view the ForexSession Robot MT4Stats live account statement for proof.

Dr. Zain Agha has been working for sometime on automating a few of his popular trading strategies. He has released this ForexSession Robot recently. A number of range breakouts take place on the different currency pairs daily around certain specific times. There are traders who love to trade these range breakouts at those times. For example, GBPUSD pair often starts trading in a range before the London market open. When the London open takes place, most often a breakout either in the up or the down direction takes place. There are traders who trade this breakout by placing two buy/sell pending orders. Depending on the market direction, either one of the two pending orders get filled it. What this robot does is just automate the range breakout strategies for the above currency pairs so you don’t have to manually enter the pending orders around the specific times.

Forex Session Robot Trades Range Breakouts Using Pending Orders

This robot has been programmed to trade range breakouts around certain times depending on the currency pairs that it trades. This is how this robot works. You select the currency pair and the trading strategy. The robot will place two buy/sell pending orders at the appointed time depending on the strategy that you had selected. When one of the pending order is filled and profit made, the other pending order is automatically removed by the robot. And incase, the market moves in the other direction and the stop loss is hit, the other pending order is filled and the robot makes profit. In case both the pending orders don’t get filled in for 2 hours meaning the market is ranging and there is no chance of a breakout taking place in either up or the down direction, both of these pending orders are removed.

A few of the demo trading results have been posted on myfxbook by Dr. Zain Agha. For example, ForexSessionRobot EURJPY myfxbook account shows a gain of more than 30%. You can take a detailed look at the different myfxbook accounts posted on the myfxbook for the other currency pairs that this robot trades. If you get interested, you can try this robot for 30 days on your demo account. The refund policy says that you will have to show a negative account statement within 30 days of purchase in order to get a full refund. The recommended lot size of $1K deposit is 0.05 Lot. There is a detailed user manual that will show you step by step how you are going to trade with this ForexSession Robot.