FX Flash Forex Robot That Trades Trend To Rake In Huge Profits!

FX Flash Forex Robot has been developed by Mike Rose the developer of Forex Overdrive Robot. FX Flash is an automated forex robot that made a profit of $453.7K trading trend on 7 currency pairs with low risk. The strategy behind this FX Flash is based on the proven fundamentals that can never change. This is what FX Flash does! It trades in the direction of the trend with a low risk. This robot has a very high win rate which can be as high as 1 loss in 32 trades and as low as 1 loss in 5.5 trades. Below is the screenshot of the FX Flash trading account! You should take a deep look at this account statement! Count the number of total trades and then divide that number with the number of trades when the stop loss was hit. You will get a rough figure of the winrate of this robot.

FX Flash

Another good thing about this EA is that it does not use a high stop loss and there is no grid trading, no hedging and no scalping involved whatsoever. This EA first determines the strength of the trend and only opens a trade when the trend is strong. If there is no strong trend in the market, it won’t open a trade. It uses the following indicators in making the trading decisions:

1. Moving Averages which are used to measure the momentum,
2. ATR is used to determine how strong the trend is,
3. Stochastic Oscillator is used to determine the overbought and the oversold condition in the market,
4.  CCI is used to confirm the overbought or oversold condition indicated by the Stochastic Oscillator.