Go Click Forex Software Makes $1K Daily!

Go Click Forex software turned a deposit of $25.513K into $325.879 in over 8 months. The daily gain made by the Go Click Forex software was around 120.4% and the max drawdown was 30.88%. However, there are only a few screenshots showing the extraordinary peformance of Go Click Forex software. These screenshots can be easily Photoshopped. No mention has been made of the trading strategy being used by this forex software. If this GoClickForex software was that good, a live trading account statement posted on a third party verified site like the myfxbook should have been posted. So you never know whether these account statements posted are real or fake.

The only method to discover how good this GoClickForex Software is to test it yourself. There is a 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee with this GoClickForex software meaning you can test drive it for two full months. So if you get interested, you can download it and test it for 30 days on your demo account. At the end of 30 days, do a thorough analysis of the performance of this software. If the performance is not good, simply return it and get a refund.

In case, you get good performance of the demo account see how much gain was made in one month and what was the drawdown. If the monthly gain is good and the max drawdown during the month was low, you can further test it on a live account with a small deposit of $250. Choose the lowest risk settings of 0.01 lot per trade. Choosing this lot size of 0.01 means that even if you lose 1000 pips with this Go Click Forex software, you are only going to lose $100. Trade for one more month with this low risk settings and see what was the performance at the end of the month. Always make it a rule to test a new forex software on your demo account thoroughly before you take the risk of trading live with it.  Without testing this Go Click forex software on the demo account, never take the risk of trading live with it.