How To Make 50 To 150 Pips Daily From EUR/USD, GBP/USD And USD/JPY Pairs?

Trading daily momentum bursts that take place on the shorter timeframes during the London market session as well as during the NY session can be rewarding. If you master how to trade these short term momentum burst, you can easily make  around 50 pips each almost daily on EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY pairs. There are many traders who love to trade these short momentum bursts that causes these pairs to move big suddenly.  For example, on 16th March, there was a Forex Factory Red News Alert as Ben Barnanke, the FED Chairman was about to make an announcement at 9:00 AM CST. Within minutes of this annoucement, the market moved big and if you are a short term momentum trader, you could have easily netted 120 pips on EUR/USD pair in just 1-2 hours.

What moves the forex market big? Obviously unexpected news. So on days when there is a sudden news announcement or some economic report release that is not what was being expected, you can hope to capture big moves in the market that can extend as far as 100 pips or even more. Of course not all days are created equal. Some days, you will find the market range bound or not moving much. Even during those days you can capture moves that can extend from 20-30 pips on a single currency pair.

Just capture one or two moves daily and you can easily make 50 pips daily using these short term momentum bursts in the market. On Mondays, the market is usually characterized by low volume and range bound trading. After NY Open this Monday 19th March, 2012 this was precisely what was happening. EUR/USD pair was in a consolidation mode. Perhaps the market was recovering from the huge rally that took place during Friday the last week. Then after one hour a sudden rally started supported by a strong upward momentum. Once again, if you had been trading at that time, you could have made around 123 pips. Watch this technical analysis video that explains what was happening around that time.

Now, you might be wondering how do you capture such sudden moves in the market that are backed by a strong momentum. The best timeframe to capture such sudden momentum bursts in the market is the 5 minute timeframe. Using EMAs and MACD oscillator you can nicely capture such moves in the market. The obvious problem while wanting to trade such short term momentum bursts that take place almost every other day is that you to sit glued to the computer monitor waiting for such a momentum burst to take place.

Avoid Chasing Forex Robots!

As a new trader, avoid chasing forex robots. Forex robots do work but first you need to master the art of manual trading. A successful forex robot is based on some manual strategy. The developer of that manual strategy then got it programmed into a forex robot. Testing a forex robot and making it work can be time consuming. So in the beginning first look for a good manual strategy that you can master. Master it thoroughly on the demo account. Once you have practiced the manual strategy enough on the demo account and you are executing the trades using that manual strategy flawlessly, only then trade live with it. Start with only $300 and use that manual system to grow this small amount into a bigger sum.

Trading On Shorter Timeframe Vs Higher Timeframes

There are many traders who claim to have made little success on the shorter timeframes but when switched to the higher timeframes became highly successful. Choosing the timeframe that you are going to trade with is very important. Your success is highly dependent on the trading system that you use to trade that timeframe. For example, if you choose a wrong system to trade the shorter timeframe like the 5 minute chart, you will obviously fail on that timeframe. The advantage of trading on the shorter timeframe is that you can use a small stop loss that can be 10-15 pips. The disadvantage is that you will have to monitor the charts for a few hours daily. The advantage of trading on the higher timeframe like the daily or the 4 hourly timeframe is that you will need less monitoring of the charts. The disadvantage of trading on the higher timeframe is that you will have to use a larger stop loss that can be 50-80 pips wide. So chose your timeframe carefully!

AIMS Stress FREE Trading System Makes 50-150 Pips Daily

The developer of AIMS Stress FREE Trading System seems to have developed a system that solves the problem of sitting in front of the computer monitor while trading shorter timeframe. AIMS Stress FREE Trading System gives audio alerts that something is happening on your charts and you better check now before you miss a big move in the market so you don’t have to be infront of your computer all the time. There are a number of recent screenshots posted by the developer of the AIMS Stress FREE Trading System.

AIMS Stress FREE Trading System

If you take a closer look at the above screenshot, it is dated 19th March 2012. The developer claims to have made 123 stress free pips from EUR/USD pair. Note the timeframe. It is 5 minute timeframe. The three colored lines on the above chart seems to be moving averages and the indicator that is shown below the chart seems to be like the MACD oscillator. Now take a look at the screenshot below again posted by the developer of the AIMS Stress FREE Trading System.


The date is 16th March. The developer of AIMS Stress FREE Trading System seems to have captured 120 pips from the rally that took place as discussed above. There is another screenshot posted by the developer that is worth taking a closer look at.


The developer of the AIMS Stress FREE Trading System is claiming to have made 392 pips from EUR/USD pair in one single day. These momentum bursts that take place pretty frequently in the currency market almost on daily basis can provide you with 50-100 pips if you know how to identify them and then trade them correctly.