How To Trade NFP Report Video Tutorials

NFP Report is releases on every first Friday of each month at precise 8:30 AM EST. Do you know Federal Reserve has decided to increase interest rates? NFP stands for Non-Farm Payrolls. This reports provides data on how many jobs were added the previous month. Right now it the most market moving economic report and if you trade USD pairs, Gold and US Stocks, you be careful when this report is released. This is what happens on the Friday when this report is released. Most traders close their open positions before the report release. However there are many news traders who love to trade NFP Report. If you are a forex trader, you can trade EUR/USD or GBP/USD pairs when this report is released. Watch this video that explains a few forex strategies that are used to trade NFP Report!

Trading news can be highly lucrative as said above. NFP Report is an important economic news release that you can trade once a month. Sometimes the market moves a lot on the NFP Report release. Why? It happens when the market gets a surprise and there is a wide deviation between the actual and the expected. These video tutorials explain why this happens. At other times the market just whipsaws. On the news release it goes up or down then it reverses and starts moving in the other direction. So you will need to practice on the demo account before you can trade NFP Report Live.

Time series analysis is a very important predictive tool that is being used by hedge funds and big banks. You should learn time series analysis and use it in your daily trading. Take a look at our Time Series Analysis for Traders course. You should also watch this NFP Report Live Trade video!

After watching the above videos, you should have a fairly good idea how to trade NFP Report.