London Close Trading Strategy Videos-182 Pips In 1 Day

London Open and London Close are important times of the day for the currency market. When the London market opens there is a lot of buy and sell orders as big banks and big institutions have to clear their order books from previous night. So expect London Open to be very volatile. On the other hand when the London market closes, the market is more calm and you can pick very good trades. Watch the videos below that explain the London Close Trading Strategy!

Watch this interview with Shirley Hudson the inventor of this London Close Trading Strategy. If you live in North America, then this London Close trading time might suit you a lot. Below is part 1 of the interview!

This is part 2 of the interview with Shirley Hudson!

This video is a review of the London Close Strategy as traded by Shirley!

Below are a few video on live London Close Trades!

This is another video on a live London Close Trade.