MT4 Floating Charts Software Allows You Detach Charts And Move Them Independently!

This MT4 Floating Charts Software allows you to detach charts on the MT4 platform and move them independently anywhere you want on your computer monitor. MT4 platform is extensively used by forex traders. If you have been using the Meta Trader MT4 platform for trading then you must have observed one common problem. You cannot move the charts on MT4 much. MT4 platform does not support multiple monitors.

A standard MT4 platform will not allow you to detach a chart and move it independently. This sometimes makes trading cumbersome as well as uncomfortable as you are unable to view the charts in more detail. Forex trading is a visual art and if you are trading daily, you would definitely want to arrange your charts in such as manner that you can view them in more detail. You might even want to view your charts on multiple monitors. But how to view your charts on multiple monitors?

Now you can with this MT4 Floating Charts Software. You will be able to install the MT4 Floating Charts Software within 2 minutes.  With this MT4 Floating Charts Software, you will be able to detach a single chart or all your charts and move them independently around different monitors. Each new detached chart will automatically have the toolbar that will give you the access to Chart Options And Tools Menu of the MT4 platform from that chart.

Don’t worry. This MT4 Floating Charts Plug-in is not going to affect your CPU performance as it is super light weight and highly efficient. Even if you are using multiple copies of the MT4 platform provided by different brokers on your computer, this MT4 Floating Charts plugin will be able to detect multiple copies of the MT4 running on your computer and manage them independently.

MT4 News Reader Plugin

There is a 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee with this software. Try it RISK FREE for 60 days and see how it can make trading more easy and comfortable for you. When you download the MT4 Floating Charts plug-in, you will also get MT4 News Reader plug-in as a bonus. This MT4 News Reader Plugin will let you view the upcoming news right on your charts. It will also give you the countdown to that news event as well as expected impact on the market. Once the news is released you will be able to see the expected as well the actual outcome right on your charts. If you don’t like the MT4 Floating Charts Plugin, you can always get a refund within 2 months.