Pips Streamer Case Study-How To Make $28K in 1 Day Trading!

You should watch this Pips Streamer FREE presentation by Jake Riggs in which he explains how he is seeing $23,845 days and how he has increased his forex profits by 1,600%. Jake Riggs is claiming in this Pips Streamer FREE presentation that he has finally cracked the forex code. He is claiming that he is seeing $23K days trading with his Pips Streamer Software. After watching this presentation, if you get interested you can take a 60 days RISK FREE trial of the Pips Streamer Software.

It is always a good idea to play it safe from the very start. Playing safe means one should avoid rushing into live trading without first thoroughly testing the software. So this is what you should do. First install the software on a demo account and let it run for at least one month. Just make sure that you have done the installation correctly. After one month, you should do a thorough analysis of the performance of this software. Now you will often hear that this software makes hundreds of pips daily. Making pips is meaningless. What is more important is how much return it makes daily, weekly or monthly and with what risk.

Let’s make it more clear. Many forex signals provider or system sellers can mislead you on this. You will find system developers or forex signal providers claiming to be making hundreds of pips daily. Now you can easily make 100 pips daily with a stop loss of 1000 pips. You can do that if you trade one micro lot on a deposit of $1000. A stop loss of 1000 pips on 0.01 lot means risking $100 only. But how much did you earn when you made 100 pips with a risk of 1000 pips? You earn only $10. So you have to be very careful when you read these type of statements by the system sellers.

What you should be asking is how much did you make in a month or  a week and what was the risk. You should take into consideration risk per trade. This is a very important parameter. As said above, you can make 100 pips daily by using a wide stop loss of 500-1000 pips. But making 100 pips this way only translates into $5-$10 as shown above if you trade with one micro lot.

So let the Pips Streamer Software run for one month. Choose your risk settings carefully. Ideally it should not be more than 3%. Let it run for one whole month uninterrupted. At the end of the month, check how much return it made during the month. If the return is not good, simply get a refund. But if you get a return that is above 20% per month. You should further test it on a live account with a small deposit of $300.