Pips Wizard PRO Buy/Sell Trend Indicator

Pips Wizard PRO is a new buy/sell trend indicator. The developers claim Pips Wizard PRO buy/sell trend indicator made +242 pips in 5 trades. You can take a look a this indicator 5 trade screenshot below.

Pips Wizard PRO

Now developers can make a lot of claims. If an indicator is working, no one is going to sell it. Why sell it when it is making money for you. So most of these indicators that are being sold in the market are just plain simple junk indicators. These indicators make money for the developers when you purchase them. But you never know. Sometime you can find a good indicator too. How? Only by testing you can figure out this indicator is not junk.

So do this. Download this Pips Wizard PRO Buy/Sell Trend Indicator. Test it on your demo account. Make at least 50-100 trades with this indicator. Enter each trade in a journal. Mention the currency pair, timeframe, stop loss and take profit and whether the trade was lost or won. After making at least 50 trades calculate the winrate. If the winrate of the trades is higher than 80% you have a winner here. However if the winrate is lower than 60%, this is not a good indicator. Ask Clickbank for a refund. Since this product is being sold on Clickbank platform, you are in safe hands. Clickbank will ensure that you get your money back.

Without testing a new software, you never know what it is. Developers are developers. They make these indicators and sell them in the market just to make money. Most of these indicators make money for the developers not the traders. But as said above, there is always some chance you find a good indicator. So don’t hesitate to do the testing.
Now if you want to develop your own indicators, you should learning machine learning. It will take a little effort but you will find that it is not difficult to learn machine learning.

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that uses the data and finds useful patterns that can be used to make predictions. You can read this post on how to use kernel ridge regression in predicting weekly gold price. This post will give you some idea on how to do the prediction thing. If you can do the prediction thing right, developing an indicator based on that prediction algorithm is not difficult. The initial part is more difficult. Instead of buying these indicators, why not learn how to develop your own indicators using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Do something creative. Make your own indicators using machine learning and artificial intelligence. If you are interested, you can take a look at our Python Machine Learning Course For Traders. Good Luck!