Rockwell Trading FREE eBook-Complete Guide To Day Trading By Marcus Heitkoetter!

Download this Rockwell Trading FREE eBook-Complete Guide To Day Trading By Marcus Heitkoetter. Let’s be clear! Day trading is not easy! As a day trader, you need a lot of discipline. Everyday, you will have to sit in front of your computer screen staring at the intraday charts looking for high probability trade setups. You will have to follow this routine daily for 5 days a week if you want to make a successful living as a day trader. Day trading is a full fledged business where you will have to make more than your trading costs that come in the shape of spreads and other expenses like office, internet connection and monthly subscriptions for using a charting software.

What is the best day trading tool? Guess! Is it some day trading indicator or some day trading software? No, it is education and good day trading training. Before you embark on your career as a day trader, you should get yourself properly educated and trained by some professional trader. Marcus Heitkoetter is a professional day trader who has written this Complete Guide to Day Trading to help you understand how to get started as a day trader. Only embark on becoming a day trader if you are fascinated by the market and you love to trade as becoming successful will require determination and effort.

This is what you will learn in this Complete Guide to Day Trading by Marcus Heitkoetter. In this Complete Guide To Day Trading, you will learn what is a day trader. This is very important for you to understand. Because without knowing what a day trader is, you might be stepping in the wrong direction. You will also learn who should be day trading and who should not be day trading. Again something important because everyone cannot become a day trader. It requires a particular temperament and personality style.

Marcus Heitkoetter will answer from his own experience is it possible to make good living as a successful day trader. You will also learn how much you need to get started and something very important that you should decide from the very start as a day trader. What market to day trade? Depending on your aptitude and previous experience of trading, you can choose anyone of these markets: forex, futures, stocks or options.  You will also need to develop your own day trading strategy. This day trading strategy can depend on your choice of the different day trading approaches that are possible plus you will also learn how to improve your day trading strategy without curve fitting.