Simple Forex Candlestick Patterns To Trade Video Tutorials

Candlesticks are used extensively by forex traders. It seems forex market also loves candlesticks and there a number of highly reliable candlestick patterns that when appear give you an advance warning about trend reversal or trend continuation. But you must keep this mind that you cannot trade alone solely on candlestick patterns. You need to combine them with a few other indicators in order to find confluence. You get confluence when 2 or more indicators confirm each other. For example you get a candlestick harami pattern which is an important trend reversal pattern. Harami is also known as Inside Day Pattern. If this harami pattern is confirmed by a divergence or it appears on an important fibonacci level, you have confluence. Two indicators are confirming each others. First watch this video tutorial on 3 simple forex candlestick formations to trade!

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