Ultra Fast Profit Indicator By Karl Dittmann Makes 50-250 Pips Daily

Ultra Fast Profit Indicator has been developed by Karl Dittmann, a professional forex trader from Bonn, Germany. This Ultra Fast Profit Indicator can make 50-250 pips daily. Ultra Fast Profit Indicator has been developed for the MetaTrader MT4 platform. It generates on average between 10-40 trading signals daily. Around 80-90% of these trading signals are winners meaning if you trade all these signals, you can end up making more than 300 pips per day.

Ultra Fast Profit indicator works best on M5 timeframe. However it doesn’t mean it cannot work on other timeframes. It can trade on all timeframes from 5 minute charts upto daily charts. On lower timeframe like the 5 minute charts, you will get more signals and you can make a lot of trades. On the higher timeframe like the daily charts, you will get fewer signals but you can make bigger trades. This indicator has been programmed to first evaluate the strength of the trend and once it has done that it decides where to enter and where to exit before the trend turns.

Testing Ultra Fast Forex Profit Indicator Software

Now, Karl Dittmann is giving 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee so that you can test drive this software on your demo account. First test this software for two weeks on the demo account and see how many trading signals it generated in 2 weeks and what was the win ratio of those signals. If the win ratio is above 80%, open a live account with a deposit of $250 and trade live using this indicator software on the mini account using the lot size settings of 0.01 lot.  With this lot size settings, further test this Ultra Fast Profit Indicator on the live account. At the end of two weeks of live trading, again calculate the win ratio plus the max drawdown. If the win ratio is less than 80% and the max drawdown is higher than 10%, go for a refund. If the win ratio is higher than 80% and max drawdown is lower than 10%, further test this software and once you are thoroughly satisfied only then trade live with Ultra Fast Profit indicator!

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  • Suyog

    January 29, 2012

    This software not work as Karl commited on is website. Its shit software its not gave a acccurancy. I M also buyer of it. Please dont buy this Ultrafast profit indicator because when i asked him for refund he sent me 100pips daily indicator butt its not working.

    Dont go for this software