Course In Currency Trading By Dr. Scott Brown-Bullet Proof Investing Forex

Dr. Scott Brown’s Course in Currency Trading is going to teach you how to trade currencies in the most optimal way. As a trader, your training and education never stops. Many new traders just jump into live trading without first getting their theoretical concepts clear.  I highly recommend that you take this Course in Currency Trading by Dr. Scott Brown. This is a very good university level theoretical course that you can take right from the comfort of your home while sitting on your computer.

If you want to seriously take currency trading as a profession than you need to have a good theoretical overview of how the market works. You need to make your concepts clear. This Course in Currency Trading can do that for you. This course is spanned over a period of 40 weeks and each week teaches you an interesting new concept. Do you know what Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) is and how it works in the currency market? Most probably you don’t. You should know about PPP and other things if you want to really master how the currency market works and behaves. This is what is the syllabus of this course:

Week 1- It’s Zilch Till Somebody Buys!
Week 2- Einstein’s Most Powerful Force!
Week 3- A Perfect Business Gone Global
Week 4- Daily Life Creates Global Profit Opportunities
Week 5- Little Moving Lines
Week 6- Sensible Account Funding
Week 7- The Big Mac Index
Week 8- The World’s Most Powerful Indicator
Week 9- Insurance
Week 10- Putting It All Together!
Week 11- “The Secret” To Success — Focus and Perseverance!
Week 12- A Question Only You Can Answer!
Week 13- Your Bright New World!
Week 14- International Monetary History
Week 15- Balance of Payments Country Accounting
Week 16- Currency Quotations
Week 17- Advanced Fundamental Analysis of Currency Pairs
Week 1-8 Using Information From Currency Futures
Week 19- International Corporate Finance
Week 20- Interest Rate Parity And The Eurocurrency Market
Week 21- Swaps, Eurodollar Yield Curve, Countertrade
Week 22- An Introduction to the Carry Trade
Week 23- Theory and Empirics of the Carry Trade
Week 24- Liquidity, Volatility and the Carry Trade
Week 25- The Yield Curve and the Carry Trade
Week 26- Advanced Carry Trade Strategies
Week 27- The Tendency of the Carry Trade To Crash
Week 28- The Carry Trade And The Forward Discount Anomaly
Week 29- Carry Trade Strategies Involving the Japanese Yen
Week 30- Multi-currency Carry Trade Strategies
Week 31- Stocks and the Carry Trade
Week 32- The Crowding Of The Carry Trade
Week 33- Carry Trade Predictability
Week 34- Momentum in Currency Trading
Week 35- Countercyclical Currency Movements
Week 36- Currency Crisis In Asia
Week 37- Currency Crisis In Mexico
Week 38- Oil Prices and The Canadian Dollar
Week 39- Commodity Currencies: The Australian and New Zealand Dollar
Week 40- Commodity Currencies and PPT

Course in Currency Trading

Now you cannot directly enroll in this Course in Currency Trading. Dr. Scott Brown first gives you a FREE Course-How I Made $2,000,000 In the Stock Market. You can enroll in that course. Go though the content and see how good it is. After you have enrolled in his FREE Course, you will get an email where Dr. Scott Brown is going to invite you to enroll in his Course in Currency Trading-Bullet Proof Investing Forex.

Course in Currency Trading