Price Action Scalper Scalping Strategy by Karl Dittmann That Makes Upto 100 Pips Daily!

This Price Action Scalper Strategy has been developed by Karl Dittmann from Bonn, Germany. Karl Dittmann is a professional trader who has been trading for many decades. This Price Action Scalper Strategy does not use any indicators or technical analysis whatsoever. Scalping is the art of quickly entering and exiting the market, grabbing a few pips every time you do so. The trick lies in grabbing more pips than the spread you have to pay when you enter and exit the market. A typical scalping trade can last for 10-30 minutes and make around 10-20 pips.

You need to keep this in mind that there are certain patterns that repeat over and over again in the market. Price Action Scalper Strategy uses a trick that depends on something that happens in the forex market after every 60 minutes. At the first minute of every hour, using this manual strategy you will come to know easily where the price action will be going in the next few minutes. This scalping strategy entails opening a few charts after every 60 minutes. The price action will tell you where it will go in the next few minutes when you open the charts. You will place a trade when there is a scalping signal. Almost every 60 minutes, you will get a signal. Place the trade and close it after a few minutes. Repeat this strategy again and again after every hour.

Now in nutshell, this is what this scalping strategy is. Of course there are a few fine points that you will have to take into account when using this strategy. When you download the Price Action Scalper PDF, you will learn more about the few fine points that you will take into account when trading with this price action scalping strategy. You can call Price Action Scalper a Naked Trading Scalping Strategy that does not use any indicators and only depends on price action. The win rate of this strategy is 90% and you can make something like 50-200 pips daily with it.

Karl Dittmann has priced this Price Action Scalper Strategy quite low plus he is giving you 8 weeks of no questions asked money back guarantee period. So if you get interested, you can download this simple price action based scalping strategy and try it RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. At the end of the first month, see how easy it is to trade with this strategy plus how many pips you made, how many pips you lost and what was the average win ratio of this scalping strategy.

If you don’t feel satisfied, simply go for a refund. And in case, you think this is a good strategy, open a live account with a deposit of $300. Trade with the Price Action Scalper System with a lot size setting of 0.01 Lot for one more month. We keep on pointing out in our posts that keeping a trading journal is a must if you really want to become a successful trader. Enter the details of every trade that you make in that journal whether it is on the demo account or the live account. Once you start doing it you will see yourself how quickly you will become a consistently successful trader. Once you have thoroughly tested Price Action Scalper System, only then trade live with it.

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  • bill

    March 8, 2012


    I was on this forum and they are talking about price action in forex, and I was wondering if it really is that simple to follow instead of all these fancy indicators that may clutter up my charts so much that I lose sight of what’s important?

    Any help is appreciated.